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n the mountain d▓uring the disaster and has become a tourist attrac▓tion because it marks the epicenter of the quak▓e.Ten years on, all the schools in the province that were dam

en scars of quake that take years to healThe

aged or destroyed have been rebuil▓t and fitted with state-of-the-art teaching e▓quipment. However, many of the students who survived the quake are still struggling with post-tra

hidden scars of quake that take ye▓a

▓umatic stress, and it may take decades for them to recover fully, according to Chen, the teacher-turned-counselor."The earthquake has ▓left a giant boulder in everybody's hear

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t. Some people are able to walk past it, while others remain stuck behind it," she said.As a result, many teachers in the quake zone have retrained as psychological ▓counselor

which struck 10 y▓ears ago this week, are

s to provide step-by-step assistance f▓or troubled survivors, even those who have graduated and s▓tarted their working lives."As someone who was trapped ▓and then rescued, I can p

still experiencing psycho▓logical problems.C

erfectly understan▓d what students who had similar experiences went through.▓ I can connect with them and they trust me," said ▓Chen, who had gained a bachelor's in educational ps

hen Heqiong vividly remembers th▓e ab

ychol▓ogy a few months before the earthquake struck.In 2009, when the new campus came into use, Chen, who once taugh▓t political education, became a full-time counselor at the

solute darkness that engulfed her when s▓he

school because she believed the students' psychological wounds should be treated as quickly as p▓ossible.During the following year, she helped a st▓udent who began crying uncontr

ollably when the teacher a▓sked the class to write letters to their relatives, because he had lost his father in the quake. She also held therapy sessions with a student who told her she saw

no point in living after her mother and grandmother died in the disaster.Feng Chengj▓ie, a former student of Chen's, knows he▓ was fortunate to survive."My left leg was stuck in the rubble and

I was trapped for more than tw▓o days. But I consider myself lucky because a classmate who was right behind me as we▓ tried to escape died when the ceiling fell in," sai▓d the 24-year-old, who

started working in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, two years ago ▓after graduating from a university in the city.Although the▓ muscles in his left leg were badly damaged below the knee, the

doctors treating him ▓were able to avoid amputation. However, the leg was permanently damaged and the scars are obvious.In 2009, after completing his studies in juni▓or high school at the temp

ith my leg, I immediately became very▓ angry and refused to say another word," he recalled.Eventually, he decided to consult Chen in an attempt to deal with his stress before it ▓became worse.

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"She told me it was perfect▓ly normal to feel uncomfortable about people's questions ab▓out my injury, but I should understand that my new classmates only asked because they care

es▓troyed almost immediately in the worst-a

d about me," he said."She also encouraged me to ▓accept my injury as a part of the 'new me', and that there was nothing to be ashamed of. Now, I have no problem explaining abo

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